What Are They?

A Small Group is a gathering of people who get together regularly to experience and discover God’s purpose for their lives. “Getting together” can take any shape as long as it is rooted in Christ.  Let your imagination go; you can gather based on the fact you live near one another, because you have common interests or hobbies, to read a book together, to study the Bible, to perform a service, to support one another, or any combination of these.  Groups can be short term or long term and can meet anywhere; from a private home to a coffee shop or even the church.

Why Join One?

We all want a closer connection to God and to the people around us but all too often our time at church on Sunday morning is rushed and the sheer number of people there can be overwhelming.  Meeting with a Small Group gives us the opportunity to slow down and focus on God as well as making a meaningful connection with other people.  In this way we begin to see the people at church as family and God as our loving Father.

What They Are Not!

When you imagine being in a group to talk about God do you break out in an allergic rash?  Can you see yourself being embarrassed by your lack of Bible knowledge or being asked to pray out loud?  Are you put off by the idea of having to share personal things or do you gag at the thought of being caught in a touchy-feely, emotional moment?  Does your skin crawl at the idea that some religious nut might start praying over you?  Rest assured; you are not alone!  These things are NOT what small groups are all about at Advent Lutheran Church.

Start your own small group

Guidelines for Leaders

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