What can I expect?

We celebrate worship with a modern, spirit-filled worship service with a mixture of traditional hymns and praise  music, in a traditional Lutheran worship service setting.  We have seats in the back for parents with small children (we also offer free Nursery services), and can accommodate those with special needs.
How do I know what to do?

When you come in the door you will see some folks handing out programs before service starts. If you’re running a bit late, just grab a program from the table near the front doors. If you have any questions, just ask. We love having visitors!

Worship Service: Time: 9:30 am  (Check our calendar on the sidebar for updates)
Our Lutheran worship service includes live music and hymns, readings from the Bible and the gospel, a message from the Pastor, and Communion.
The service will feel familiar to anyone who has attended a Lutheran or Catholic or similar church before. There will be some Lutheran aerobics (sitting down and standing up), but no kneeling. You can choose how much you want to participate, so only do what you feel comfortable with!

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